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Spot Color Printing

This is the most common form of printing.  Spot color printing uses a full-tone of color to create an image. Each color in the image is printed separately on its own screen, affecting the cost, but up to 12 spot colors on one location can be printed.

Half Tone Printing

A frequently used technique in printing that allows less ink in a certain color to be used.  This allows it to mix with the garment color or other print colors to create the illusion of more colors than what is actually being printed

Grayscale Printing

A more cost effective way to transfer a photograph or other multi color image onto apparel. A grayscale of the image is created using full and half tones of black. Then the image can be printed in that “grayscale” version on a garment in any print color you choose.


It is our goal to provide the highest quality finished product at a competitive price.

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